Dean’s Assembly – Subject Choice 2015

The purpose of this Dean’s Assembly was to launch subject choice. Note last year’s post on this topic provides a great backbone to this information. Ms Featherstone spoke to the year group about what you might build upon that platform. She had a few key points:

  • LIFE IS NOT LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you do know what you are going to get if you research, ask questions and seek information.
  • KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN – if you don’t know what you are going to do when you leave school – which is perfectly normal – ensure you have a board range of subjects. Even if you are sure, it helps to have a plan B open to you.
  • STAR COURSES– Taster courses which are offered to students wanting industry experience. These are advertised in a number of ways including through the Careers/Transition Facebook Page.
  • GATEWAY  – A Level 2 course available to selected students who are chosen after an interview process. The course is integrated with work placements and offers industry unit standards. Speak to Ms Featherstone or any member of the guidance team for more information.
  • CAREER RESEARCH – visit the Careers NZ website and complete the Career Quest survey for some guidance on possible directions you might take.

CaptureOn Wednesday 9th September, all Year 11s will meet with their Form Teacher for a one-on-one conversation around their subject choice for 2016 which will consider their intended pathway, 2017 intentions and any other future plans. The Dean, Deputy Principals, and Careers Advisor will be on hand to support this process. Information about the subject choice options is available through the subject choice google site.

Note that pre-requisites play an important role in subject choice for Year 12. A past blogpost goes over this in detail and there is more information on the subject choice site.

Lastly, as some inspiration, a TED talk from Thomas Suarez was shared. He is a stunning example of how the world today isn’t structured so that you must wait until your education is over before you can go out and start making a difference. He shows us what can happen when you find what you are passionate about, when you learn news skills and take those skills out into the world.

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