USA Basketball Tour

unnamedWith five other Newlands College students, and a calculus teacher that could’ve also appeared to be a student, I set off to another place, another part of the earth, known as Wellington Airport. We flew to Auckland where we waited for our new friends, Cambridge High School. Our flight was fitted with movies, and the awkwardness of having to sit next to others who we didn’t know existed until we got on the plane.

Our first destination was San Francisco. We stayed in a hostel which was a couple of minutes down the road from a supermarket, so that was definitely a highlight. After biking over the Golden Gate Bridge and traveling to Alcatraz, unnamed (1)we finally got to play some basketball. We took on the best team in California, and another smaller club team within the California state. Both results weren’t what we would’ve liked. We got to spend a day at Six Flags before flying across the country to our next destination, Boston.

Our main focus of the trip was a camp in Boston. The Nike Sports Academy. After being forced to sleep on two chairs because I locked myself out of my room, we managed to gain a full five days of Basketball knowledge from some of the top coaches around America. The food was absolutely divine.

Our drive to the Big Apple was four hours. We stayed in the Row Hotel, and had the most spectacular views from our windows. The city was bright at 4am, and everything was big. You look up and every building had some form of advertisement on it. Whether it was in flashing lights, or just a picture, each building was bright and colourful. Some students went to The Lion King on Broadway, while other students and a calculus teacher went to a completely different show. After we bought all the shops on Time Square out, it was time for our final stop, Hawaii.

unnamed (2)We got to Hawaii on our longest flight, with a total of 11 hours in air. Our hotel couldn’t have been in a better position. With a Maccas 60m away from the main entrance, and a Waikiki Beach 100m away, what more could you want? Our last Basketball game wasn’t a success, but the tour was completely worth the experience. It’s not everyday that you can meet new people that want to learn about your culture.

Lastly I want to thank Mr Broadbent for his amazing efforts in organising the trip and keeping me from getting locked out of my room again. I want to thank my parents who supported me and said that it was the quietest 18 days they have ever had while I was away. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next trip, whether it’s in two years, or three years, I’ll be going on it.

– Liam Collins (11SN)

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