Polyclub for us was a very long but joyful experience. There were many hurdles and bumps in the road, but we got stuck in and are so proud of what we achieved. We thought it was a good chance to show the different cultures we have within Newlands.

Rehearsals started around the end of Term One. We were led by Imelda and Brett who brought it together for us in the end. There were also ex-students, parents and members of the community who helped with everything from encouragement to making the costumes. We would mostly like to thank Ms Catherine Ryan, Ms Rikki Pilitati, and Mr Robert Robati for their leadership and support.

We performed at Polyfest last Friday after two performances during the week at the assemblies (where the photos were taken). We were really nervous but we pulled together because we knew we were on stage as part of a family. The audience cheers for us and we were so grateful for all the aupport. We are going to perform one last time at Wednesday night’s Variety Show in the school hall.

We are proud that we got to show the school what Poly is all about and we hope more people join the group for a successful 2016! At the end of the day, Polyclub is about being who you are and staying true to your culture.

– Kalani Mulipu (11LD) and Millennium Suga (11SL)

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