Y12 Subjects – Pre-Requisites

Later in Term Three, all Year 11 will take part in subject choice for the following year. The process will be similar to previous years and more information will be forthcoming in due course. This post is to share information about prerequisites which are an important feature of the transition between Level One and Level Two courses. The image here is part of an extended document available on the Subject Choice Website:


PR = preferable; CP = compulsory; NA = not applicable.

For a student who is looking at doing a subject that they do not meet the requirements for, the dispensation process in place:

In exceptional cases students who have not met the pre-requisites may apply in writing, by completing a dispensation form, to a dispensation committee who will consider their application.  As a general guideline dispensation will be granted only to students who have shown a good level of achievement in NCEA at the previous level and who have the pre-requisites to progress to the next level in at least four subjects at Level 2 or at least three subjects at Level 3. The dispensation process will also be followed in cases where students want to pick up a new subject without having taken it at the previous level.  The same guidelines outlined above will be applied.

Alongside this process should be conversations with the relevant teachers, including your Form Teacher/Dean. Communication is key to making sure the subject choice process is completed as effectively as possible. This starts now by having conversations at home and at school about what courses you’ll take in 2016. The guidance team are alongside you in this process and very happy to start having these talks as soon as possible.

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