NCEA Subject Resources

This is the latest in a series of posts intended to help navigate the resources online for NCEA. Previously we’ve looked at the basics of the system, the external timetableNCEA apps, missed assessment procedures and how to read an Achievement Standard. This post is aiming to help navigate the subject Captureresources by explaining the documents that are available. If you go to the NZQA site, then the subject directory – every subject has a range of documents available

  • Assessment Report– An overview of the performance of candidates in the external standards of a subject from previous years.
  • Assessment Schedule – The markers’ guide – what was accepted, or looked for in candidate answers.  Should be read in association with the Judgement Statement which defines how the different levels of performance were separated from each other.
  • Assessment Specifications – Provide the assessment parameters for each externally assessed achievement standard. Cover information such as format of examination paper and context of questions (where appropriate), as well as equipment candidates can bring and use. For portfolio subjects, cover submission date, authenticity requirements, and type and volume of materials that may be submitted as evidence.
  • Examination Paper – The set of questions to be answered by candidates in the exam room. These are papers from previous years.
  • Exemplar of Examination Paper – An actual student answer script, with annotations from the marker indicating why the script was assessed in the way it was.
  • Exemplar for Internally Assessed Standard – An extract of student evidence, with commentary by the moderator explaining key aspects of the standard.
  • The Standard (Unit or Achievement) – Defines the learning outcomes (what the learner will be able to do, or explain, or demonstrate, or understand, etc), as well as the assessment criteria.
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