Y11 Health Day – Part Two – Family Planning & Youthline

Family Planning – The Big Sex Quiz

Part One involved questions about sexual health including condoms, contraception methods, and STIs. Some facts that came up included:

Part Two involved questions about different sexualities and gender identities. Questions were about who makes up the rainbow community, and where support could come from for people that identify as LGBTIQ+. Some facts that came up in discussion:

  • LGBTIQA = Lesbian, gay, trans*/transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual
  • You can be supportive to anyone that identifies as queer or something else by respecting their confidentially, being a supportive friend and helping them to contact others that can help.
  • Curious.org.nz is a website that can help you to contact support groups.
  • Newlands College continues to have a support group for LGBTQ+ students

Part three involved questions about situations arriving involving both sex and alcohol. The questions got us to think about safety, the effects of alcohol, and what to do in certain situations. Some facts that came up in discussion:

  • It is illegal to have sex with someone who is intoxicated and not in a sober state in order to give consent.
  • Alcohol can affect sexual confidence, performance, and communication.

Youthline – Well-being and Mindfulness

photo 1 (16)Youthline run a helpline, counselling, support and youth development services – their philosophy is that talking to someone helps. Call 0800 376633 or Free TXT 234 for support. Their workshop today focused on well-being and mindfulness. The Mental Health Foundation NZ’s resource ‘Five winning ways to Well Being‘ was discussed:

  1. Give – your time, your words, your presence
  2. Be Active – do what you can; enjoy what you do; move your body.
  3. Keep Learning – embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself
  4. Connect – talk and listen, be there, feel connected
  5. Taking Notice – appreciate the little things, savour the moment

photo 2 (16)The session involved several activities exploring the ideas behind this:

  • Bucket exercise – Writing about all the things that stress us out and putting it into the stress bucket. Discussion about how we let things out of the bucket then followed.
  • Puzzle Identity Activity – Filling in each puzzle piece with a word or a picture that describes a part of who you are and then finding matches in the class.
  • Support Tree – Every student was encouraged to think about who they can talk to and stick this on a support tree.
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