WW1 – Anzac Field Trip

WP_20150618_008Last week Mr Staite’s level 1 history class and one of Mr Lambert’s level 1 English classes went to the National War memorial and Gallipoli – the scale of our war exhibition at Te Papa. When we were at the memorial we saw the tomb of the unknown warrior and we got to look around the hall of memories. Whilst I was there the atmosphere made me feel glum. The story of how the centerpiece of the National War Memorial Carillon Tower regularly rang their bells over the city and how the Wellington City grew around it was very enlightening. Afterwards we went to Te Papa to see the Gallipoli exhibition; the exhibition consisted of artifacts from the battle and weta workshop made wax giant figures of soldiers during the Gallipoli battle and a nurse crying over a letter. This exhibition made me experience the tragedies that happened during the 8 month Gallipoli campaign through the perspective of soldiers (eyes and ears). For me this exhibition was very eye opening as it taught me the conditions the soldiers were going through and how lucky we are to be here today.

– Sammani Perera (11SL)

Tphoto (4)here are a wide range of other activities that have been going on in the school to recognise the 100th anniversary of WW1. Students participated in the parade haka on the eve of Anzac Day (left) and a small remembrance garden has been created (below). The WW100 committee has more to say about this on the student publicity blogphoto (6)

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