Congratulations to all the Year 11s involved in Tuesday night’s Melodramas. A large audience came to boo, hiss and cheer the nine performances. The standard was exceptional and bodes well for the Year 11 Term Three productions.

Vladamir and his Violent Vision

Presented by Briana Head, Heipua Leota-Mene, Sean Rennwandt, Mitchell Laws

Will Mea manage to look after her inheritance? Will Sir Charles whisk away his true love? Or will Vladamir succeed in his violent vision to steal the money and make away with Mea? Can Edith ever declare her love for her master?

The Last Will and Testament of Margaret Dawson

Presented by Danica Fontein, Enzo James-Penny, Gus Mawby, Jared Nobelen, Shanlon Robertson

The daughter of a powerful mansion owner finds herself caught up in the ploy of her father when all she wants to do is follow her heart. Will the handsome servant boy win the hand of the charming daughter? Or will her father’s ploy find her in the arms of another?

The Montgomery Mine Catastrophe

Presented by Jennifer Nash, Hendrik Jones, Chantel Gates, Paris Renalson

Will Elizabeth get her wish to be a famous actress? Will Victoria ever be noticed by the man she truly loves? Will John be able to show his true heroic nature or will Hank and his evil plans succeed?

The Bachelor

Presented by Quinn Blackwood, Charlotte Cunliffe, Panashe Dindingwe, Monique Mizon

Arthur rides into town in search of a wife and meets a Mother with a plan to marry her daughter to the richest suitor she can find. However, it is the servant, Matilda, who catches Arthur’s eye. Will true love overcome the evil scheme?

The Shoe Shop Shakedown

Presented by  Simon Little, Zephrea Howarth, Connor Patterson, Megan Joslin

Will the Shoe thief be identified? Will true love find a way to conquer all? Will the manipulating friend cause too much havoc for love to conquer all?

The Bakery Thief

Presented by Josh Chadwick, Paris Doran-Ward, Charlotte Earle, Emily Villanueva

Lady Scarlett – along with her sidekick Igor – unleash a nasty plan on her ‘best-friend’ Elizabeth. Will Edward be able to thwart the evil genius? And what is Lady Scarlett’s motivation for revenge?

Drake’s Devilish Deeds

Presented by Marcus Gibson, Meg Burgess, Renée Pearce, Guinnie Peoples, Robert Me’afo’ou

Will sweet Rosalie get her heart’s desire and find her true love? Will Drake manage to destroy all in his path and succeed in his devilish deed? Or will Victor find a way to defeat Esme’s scheming and save the day?

Adam and Eve Take New Delhi

Presented by Kiya Basabas, Cassie Catalan, Danica Fontein, Donna Joseph, Kristyn Morgan

Sir Pent needs a woman to marry in order to become King of New Delhi. Eve seems fit for the job, but has already caught the eye of local apple seller Adam. Will true love conquer all? Who will become King? And will Eve’s mother get to buy new shoes?

Crazy in Love

Presented by Dylan Jones, Josh McCullough, K’Shana Fa’amasino, Brooke Hopkins

The evil Victoria is trying to get her scheming way over the beautiful innocent Caroline. Will love at first sight conquer over the evils plans cooked up by Victoria and Uncle Graham? And will Dick save the day?

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