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Several copies of the recent edition of the Jet Magazine is now available for students to peruse in Form Time. Each Form Teacher has been given half a photo 3 (5)dozen copies to make available. The content focuses on jobs, education and training for young adults in the their final years of Secondary School. The contents include articles and information about:

  • mental health and strategies to deal with anxiety
  • CV basics and how to develop one so it gets noticed
  • job interviews (how they are like the X-factor auditions)
  • NZ tertiary institutions: what are the differences between them?
  • profiles on the different work sectors in NZ including constructions, infrastructure, manufacturing, and the social and community services sector.

There is an enormous amount of valuable information contained within the magazine. It is highly recommended that every students spends at least on Form Time having a flick through, or alternatively you can read online here.

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