All Shook Up – Production Week

All Shook Up open tonight! The cast performed yesterday to the students from Newlands Intermediate, who were entertained by 70+ Newlands College performers and the music of Elvis Presley. There are very limited tickets left now with Friday completely sold out and Thursday down to single digits. Contact the school office for more information.

The cast have done an incredible job and are very excited about presenting their hard work to an audience. See previous posts on the camp and the assembly pitch for more info.

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3 Responses to All Shook Up – Production Week

  1. meerza says:

    Well done Mr Cargill your team Shook the school hall last Friday. we enjoyed the production music acting singingetc coool….

  2. Meerza Iqbal says:

    Well done Mr Jerome Cargill we enjoy the production very much last Friday. You can be proud with your team and the students.

    They were all talented acting and singing specially character Sylvia (good voice/singing)well done New Lands College.

    Sen from Windows Mail

  3. Meerza Iqbal says:

    WELLDONE MR Cargill Enjoyed the production very much last Friday. Your team and the students did a good job in acting /singing (Sylvia good on you girl singing well done) New Lands college you all Shook Up the school Well Done

    Sent from Windows Mail

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