NCEA – Missed Assessment Procedures

At our recent Dean’s Assembly, the missed assessment procedures were outlined to the students. Earlier in the year I discussed our hard-line attitude to missing assessments and how we will not be tolerating willful ignoring of assignments. The qualification of NCEA Level One is one where every credit counts, so it is important to participate fully in every course the student has chosen.

Should a student miss an assessment, the first step is to complete a ‘Missed Assessment Form‘ available from the Moodle homepage, or in hard copy from the office. This is used to clarify the circumstances around missing the assessment (i.e. for medical reasons – where a medical certificate is required – or other mitigating reasons with a caregiver’s note to confirm.

However, in a situation where the assessment has been missed and there are no justifiable reasons for this (as confirmed by the subject teacher administering the assessment) the follow up will come in the form of contact from me, the Year Level Dean, with the following message:

You are probably aware that recently <name> did not hand in an NCEA Internal Assessment for <subject>. Our school policy is that unless there are exceptional circumstances students are required to complete all internal assessment work for each subject they have opted to study.

In this instance no further action will be taken. However, if <name> fails to hand in any other piece of NCEA Internal Assessment in any subject throughout the year and there are no exceptional circumstances action will be taken. This will involve a meeting with you to reassess <name’s> course of study. The likely outcome will be a rearrangement of the course to a lower level in the subject(s) that are causing concern. In this case it might be necessary to completely rearrange <name’s> timetable in order to accommodate the required changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further.

The course of study is that which the student has chosen, and as a result the school has the expectation that every assessment in those courses will be attempted to the best of the student’s ability. Willful non-participation will not be tolerated and this has clearly been communicated to the students. Should there be any further questions about this approach, please contact us or use the comment feature below.

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