Dean’s Assembly – Learning Outside the Classroom

In last week’s Dean’s Assembly we had an opportunity to hear from a representative from each Form Class about an aspect of their learning going out outside of the classroom. Some of the speeches delivered are below:

My name is Gus and I’m here to talk about my experience at National Youth Drama School. I had the best experience ever at NYDS. NYDS has workshops in the performing arts— theatre, film, design, technical theatre, songwriting, editing, dance, circus skills and more. I would like you guys to have this experience as well, so please think about joining for next years’ courses.

– Gus Mawby (11NP)

Badge“Every Thursday and Friday, the bell tolls at the end of lunch calling the faithful to worship at the feet of the lord of media as his devoted minions.” I’m really sorry, Mr Mortensen made me say that. I’m part of the Student Publicity Team and we meet every Thursday and Friday at Form Time. We have a blog where we cover all of the events that happens at school. We create videos, podcasts, articles and photos to celebrate all the cool stuff that is happening at our school. If you are interested in joining us, follow our blog or come down to the media suite on Thursday and Friday Form Time.

– Zara Dunlop-Storey (11SL)

Hi guys I’m Maddi and I am a cheerleader and it is definitely one of my favourite thins/sports to do in my free time. Cheerleading is a sport, because us cheerleaders go through so much more than football, rugby, netball etc to get where we do in competitions. Speaking of competitions, our first this year is coming up next month. If any of you are looking or thinking about doing cheer do not hesitate in doing so because I can tell you now that it will be tiring and hard work but it will be the msot fun you will have in a long time.

– Maddi Lightfoot (11WA)

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