Level One Assessment Calendar

A warm welcome back to school for Term Two of 2015. Mr Jones outlined the huge number of events that are taking place this term in a recentCapture assembly, and it is clear that this will be a very busy term.

To help keep track of the assessments and the goings on in every class, an assessment calendar is now live and open to be accessed by anyone on the school website. If you use Google Calendar you can sync with this by clocking on the ‘+GoogleCalendar’ button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, bookmark the page and visit it frequently. Information on the Calendar is live, and Head of Faculties and Teachers in Charge of subjects will endeavour to keep it as up to date as possible.

STUDENTS: Start planning ahead. Look for difficult weeks where there are a lot of assessments and begin to put in place strategies now. Make Google Calendar a frequent stop and use it to organise your life – if you want help with this, see Mr Cargill and he will show you how to set it up.

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: Use the calendar to promote conversations about upcoming assessments. Copy the key dates over to the family calendar. Be aware of the stressful times as well and do contact us if you have questions. Using the comment feature below is one way.

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