40 Hour Famine Leadership Convention

Capture World VisionEarlier in her term a group of students were selected to attend a conference in parliament about the 40 Hour Famine. We participated in this conference with various schools from around Wellington. To begin the day the presenters got us to play a game about creating enough resources to sustain life in our country. Shortly people were not only doing that but also invading other countries. They revealed it was an experiment to show how even though we can have enough for life in our countries human nature still finds us trying to take food and resources from others. This showed us how inequality is prominent in our world. To resolve this issue multiple speakers came up and talked about how a lot of people doing little things can benefit this issue substantially.

This year we are raising money for Bangladesh; to encourage participation we are doing communal events and other fun activities. We urge every person to contribute in some way so we can beat last year’s fund raising. This will be discussed more in depth in upcoming assemblies but for now consider what your efforts could mean for the disadvantaged people in Bangladesh.

– Tyler Cruse and Vaughan Brown (11SN)


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