Year 11 Evening – Communication and NCEA

At the Year Eleven Evening on Wednesday, Deputy Principal Deb Mills spoke about communication at the college.


The key websites that were discussed are listed below. Please use these resources and note our contact details, remembering that often the Form Teacher is the first port of call.

You might be further interested in bookmarking these links:


David Pegram is the Deputy Principal in charge of the curriculum, he spoke on the night about NCEA, giving an introduction to the qualification.

Driving testIn brief, NCEA is a driving test. There are no percentages. It is made up of standard based assessments that adjudge whether a student can or can’t perform a particular skill or has or hasn’t a particular understanding. The year is divided into chunks called Achievement Standards, and for succeeding in these Achievement Standards a student gains credits. Each standard can be passed with Merit or Excellence depending on how well the standard is Achieved. There are a combination of internal and external credits, meaning the work takes place across the year, and not only in an end of year examination. A course therefore might look something like this:

Course Example

Here is a video that the NZ Qualifications Authority put out explaining this. For more information see:

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