Dean’s Assembly – Year Level Goals

CaptureDean’s Assembly last week was focused on three things:

Our Year Level Goals are:

  • To match or exceed the highest pass rate for Level One at Newlands College
  • To match or exceed the highest Merit/Excellent endorsements for Level One at Newlands College

Importantly, we believe this cohort is capable of success when it comes to these goals. The Year 11 Parents’ Evening will outline further how these goals will be achieved. That information will be posted on the blog.

One key focus however is monitoring the well being of the students. The shift to a formal qualification can be tough and having strategies for dealing with this are important. Next term we will have Ms Montgomery, the school’s guidance counselor, speak to you at a Dean’s Assembly talk to you about managing stressful times, but if I can anticipate her messages by giving you some messages of my own. My three tips on monitoring your own well-being would be:

  • CaptureBreathe – nothing is as bad as it seems if you just take a moment and breathe. There’s actual science to how this helps you (see this link). Taking a moment to breathe and reflect is worth it.
  • Communicate – I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying: talk to us. All members of our guidance team can be approached at any time. We are here to help. We will try, but we can’t hep you with things we don’t know about.
  • Be positive – Believe in yourself and tell yourself positive things. By the end of this assembly, I’ll have said just over 1000 words, which means you will have had 10,000 words go through your head as you self-talk and think about what I am saying. Think about those words, and remember that things will be easier if you train yourself to ensure that they are words telling you what you can do, not can’t do.

Lastly, please come along to the Year 11 Evening next week on Wednesday. It will be fantastic opportunity to get on the same page as your parents/caregivers. Look forward to seeing you then.

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