Year Level Representatives – Closing Speech

This year we were elected on the student council as your Year 10 Level Representatives. It was an honour and a privilege to have worked for and on behalf of you. I would like to thank Dylan and the other form representatives for being a great bunch of people who were easy to work with. I really appreciate the work you all put in this year. And now that we have come to the end of the road for our Year 10 journey, allow me to reminisce the year that has been.

To reflect this year, the sporting opportunities and successes of our year level are spread out over a range of sports. Such as the famous House Competition of Tabloids at the start of the year. The experience of Tabloids this year was a feel-good competition with the amusing highlight of the House Relays. Especially when a runner from Rimu decided to jump in a pool in front of the school and still being able to finish the race. I hope that our year group will make memorable and enjoyable highlights in Tabloids for our years to come.

Sporting successes from our year group have ranged from Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby, Bowls, Orienteering, Softball, Hockey and Football. A very large handful of our year group were part of many achievements such as two of our Junior basketball teams winning their division at the Wellington Basketball Association League and the U15 Rugby. Students were also given the opportunity to play for Senior teams and attending tournament week for a mixed hockey, U15 Rugby, Netball and a girls and boys Football team. Tournaments at a National level were also in the mix for the Softball team, Senior Netball team held in Palmerston North and the Junior A Volleyball team which was held in Wellington last week. The list of achievements at the start of the year with Athletics, Volleyball and Softball added momentum towards the following sports during the Winter. All these achievements have been acknowledged and the pride and dedication you all have put in have been taken into account as there will be more opportunities like this in our first Senior year next year.

I would like to thank all of you for putting in the passion and work ethic into representing Newlands College whether it be on the field, court, track or pitch. We work hard to achieve together.

Very recently and currently happening right now, is the inter form competition. This year’s events of the Drama improv, Cross Country, Multi-Sport and Christmas Cheer were a huge success and I would like to again thank all of you for putting a great amount of participation for your form classes. The level of competitiveness from our year group was tremendous to see and especially from our Dean; Mr. Cargill talking about the Staff vs. Student Multisport game saying: “Doesn’t matter who plays, we’re still gonna win.”

To end, I wish all of you the best wishes for next year heading into NCEA Level 1 and have a fantastic holiday.

– Daphne Martinez (10CJ)

While Daphne’s has highlighted sports and inter form activities there weren’t the only things we did this year. We did plenty of awesome things such as Shakespeare Day, which to many people’s surprise was actually a really good day. From the actors coming into the school – to the amazing race the day was just a good time all round.

Some of the highlights for Year 10 this year were the production and the Variety Show which I know a lot of you were involved in and enjoyed. We all had a great time watching these events. The Japanese trip was a pumping time that took place this year where students went to Japan and got to experience Japanese culture for 2 weeks.

Speaking of things that are cool, it’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite things: reading responses and exams. Though these weren’t everyone’s favourite thing in the world they were a strong reminder that NCEA and the Senior School is just around the corner. But we will end this recap with something that is fresh in our minds, 3 Day Discovery. It was an amazing time where students got to have fun and experience things they may have done before.

Overall this year was pretty good time all round and it be honest it was probably the best year you guys have ever had in Year 10. I would like to thanks Daphne, the Form Reps and all of you for making this year an exceptional one. But before we finish and behalf of your guys we would like to thanks 3 people who have helped make this year the great time it was, Ms Mills, Mr Cargill and Mr Jones.

– Dylan Jones (10LD)

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