Cross Country 2014

On Wednesday the 19th the Junior School took part in the Cross Country. For the Y10s it was the last ever cross country and the last chance to show their stamina in the greatest challenge known to man. With the rain clearing, the cross country gave everyone the chance to show their stuff for the big day; especially Mr Cargill whose training and perseverance had really paid off! His performance was outstanding defending the title of winner of the Y9 Girls cross country in 2013 by becoming the Y10 Girls cross country champion in 2014. Thanks to the P.E staff and other organizers for the day and all their hard work!

– Ben Murdoch and Danica Fontein (10WG)

1st – Danica Fontein2nd – Trinity McIntosh

3rd – Salote Taufa

4th – Rachael Wilson

5th – Renee Hargreaves

6th – Panashe Dindingwe

7th – Angeline Dano

8th – Daphne Martinez

9th – Clarice Du Toit

10th – Amelia Powdrell

1st – Ben Murdoch2nd – Casey Norman

3rd – Tyler Cruse

4th – Simon McSweeney-Harte

5th – Simon Little

6th – Unmesh Vanka

7th – Vaughan Brown

8th – Geeth Rathnayake

9th – Lochlan Young

10th – Josh Steele

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