Multisport – Inter-Form Class Competition

This year, multisport was part of the Junior Inter-Form Class competition. We were able to organise the Y9 and Y10 competition. Both competitions were a huge success finishing on time and everyone having fun. The sports that we came up with for everyone to participate in were Basketball, Netby, Handball and Football. The winning year 10 Form Classes who are in the final are 10SL and 10CJ. Following this is a staff V students game. Mr Cargill has stated: “it doesn’t matter who we play, the staff will win”. No student in the Junior School believes what he says.

– Daphne Martinez (10CJ) and Quinn Blackwood (10NP)

Breaking News: 10CJ took out the final 3-2; and Mr Cargill was correct. – CG

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