Plunket Babysitting Course

Year 9 and Year 10 students are being offered an opportunity to complete a babysitting certificate as part of the end of year programme after the Junior Examinations. The course will be run by Plunket; the following excerpt is from their outline of the course:

Caring for young people is one of the biggest responsibilities we will have in our lifetimes. At 14 young people are legally allowed to babysit. How many have the knowledge and skills to do this competently?

The goal of Plunket’s Babysitting Certificate is to keep children safe by educating participants to become responsible, caring, trustworthy, respectful and competent babysitters.

The course will take place on Thursday, 13th November from the start of the school day and finish at lunchtime. The cost is $18 per student which covers the Plunket educator and the certificate printing and postage.

The course is limited to the first 25 students that sign up. To sign up, money must be paid to the bursar and a completed permission slip handed in to the office. There will be a waiting list and further similar opportunities may be arranged if there is demand. Permission slips are available from Form Teachers or Mr Cargill at the Dean’s Room.

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