Japan Trip

Over the school holidays a group fo Year 10s joined a bunch from Wellington College for a trip to Japan as part of their languages programme. Michael Chang, Paige Cooke, Joshua Kim, Mishayla Millar, Zac Milne, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Casey Norman, Talitha Wilson all represented the school on what sounded like an incredible experience. Their journey is shared below through the words of Josh and Tharushi. Talitha also put together a video of the trip below.

Hajimemashite, or as most of you will understand, hello. I am here to talk about my experience in Japan. During the term 3 holidays, students from Newlands College and Wellington College went to Osaka to study their language and learn about their culture.

During those 2 weeks, we have experienced countless things but one of my most memorable moments was the food. Now you guys will be thinking sushi, noodles, tempura and all that. Well, you’re right. But all the different types of foods were absolutely delicious. Even some foods looked a bit strange but I just told myself “YOLO” and ate it. Its like when you don’t want to do something but you end up doing it anyway and then you realize you like it. Yeah it was that kind of moment.

Another thing I really enjoyed was school in Japan. We attended school for the first week of the trip and I experienced a lot there too. Before the trip, I was thinking damn more learning? But soon I realized that school helped me a lot to understand what its like for students in Japan to study. One thing I picked up on was the way most teachers taught the students. They wouldn’t repeat anything they’ve said no matter what. It seemed like a rule that if you don’t listen in class, that’s your problem.

Even though two weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, I think it was more than enough to experience the great wonders of Japan. And to think that there were so many great things in Osaka, I can’t imagine what would be in the rest of Japan. The Japan Trip was hands down my best highlight of 2014 and I encourage anyone who get this kind of opportunity in the future to go because I know for sure you wont regret it.

 – Josh Kim (10SL)

– video put together by Talitha Wilson (10SL)

Two weeks may seem like a short time, but in those two weeks we all learnt, did and experienced so much of Japan, and that’s why I’m finding it a little difficult to tell you all today exactly how great this trip was and everything we experienced.

In the first week we got the chance to experience what school was like in Japan. Nearly everyone including the teachers would treat us like we were celebrities. And this carried on in the home. We became very close with our host families by the end as they were extremely nice and tried so hard to make us feel at home. And it’s actually quite surprising how close you become with your host family and sibling and realise how much you miss them when you only got to know them for two weeks.

We also obviously experienced a lot of the culture and different old traditions, and colourful festivals the Japanese culture like to still keep over these many years. Which was quite cool. Everything of their culture was so different and enticing, their festivals so colourful, their personalities so nice and their food.. so yum.

We may have only had two weeks to experience as much as we could of this beautiful country, but I totally fell in love with it and I encourage anyone who has this chance to go on another trip like this to definitely if possible, take that opportunity because we are extremely lucky to have these chances and exchanges like these truly are amazing and really make you grow, and not to mention extremely fun.

– Tharushi Nanayakkara (10LD)

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