Y10 Science Exam

The list below gives you the main concepts that will be in the exam. If you can do everything on the list below then you should be able to answer everything in the test at “Excellence level”. For all students it is important that you know the vocabulary! This is true for all students. Without this you may struggle to understand many questions and will also struggle to explain your ideas. If you have struggled in science this year then you should try and fill the gaps in your understanding for as many of the points below as you can.

Physical World

  • Predict how opening /closing switches affects bulbs in a
  • Explain why the brightness of bulbs is different in a series circuit vs. a parallel circuit
  • Design a circuit that meets a set of criteria
  • Draw force diagrams
  • Calculate the net force on an object from a force diagram
  • Relate the net force on an object to its motion and vice
  • Identify wanted and unwanted friction, explain ways that the friction can be increased/decreased`

Material World

  • Names + symbols of 1st 20 elements
  • Draw diagrams of atoms showing protons, neutrons and
  • Relate properties of metals/alloys to their uses
  • Explain how painting can stop rusting
  • Observations and word equations for the types of reactions covered in class
  • Relate the ingredients in sherbet to what happens when

Living World

  • Complete Punnett squares
  • Use knowledge of alleles to explain how a child can have a trait (e.g blue eyes) that neither parents have
  • Write a word equation for respiration
  • Explain how you obtain oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide
  • Explain how the placenta and umbilical cord allow a growing foetus to get oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide
  • Explain how chromosomes affect gender
  • Explain how muscles can make a joint move

Planet Earth

  • Explain what causes the tectonic plates to move
  • Explain why some parts of the world experience Earthquakes, while others don’t
  • Explain why only some Earthquakes will cause Tsunamis
  • Explain why the depth of an Earthquake and the distance from its epicentre to a city affects how much damage
  • Define subduction and explain how it can cause

– Mr Miller (Assistant HoF Science)

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