Y10 Mathematics Exam

The Year 10 Mathematics examination will cover the topic areas listed below. At the bottom of this post is some helpful tips on how to revise.


  • Sequences – writing rules
  • Drawing graphs of linear and quadratic equations
  • Distance-time graphs
  • (Skills covered in the algebra test, such as solving, expanding, etc., are not in the exam)


  • Angle reasoning
  • Similar shapes
  • Pythagoras’ theorem


  • Area (rectangle, trapezium, triangle, circle)
  • Perimeter of composite shapes.
  • Converting metric measures
  • Volume (cuboid, prism, cylinder,)
  • 24 hour clock calculations


  • Percentages of amounts
  • Expressing one number as a percentage of another
  • Percentage decrease/increase
  • + – x ÷ with integers, decimals and fractions.
  • Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Squares and square roots
  • Ratio
  • Standard form
  • Converting between currencies
  • GST


  • Misleading graphs
  • Back to back stem and leaf diagrams
  • Calculating medians and quartiles
  • Drawing box and whisker plots
  • Comparing distributions and justifying decisions using statistical evidence
  • Interpreting time series graphs


  • Listing outcomes from spinners and dice
  • Equally likely outcomes
  • Tree diagrams (drawing and calculating probabilities)
  • What can I use to help me revise?

Revision Strategies: What can you use to help revise?

  • Review homework book exercises – try completing the topic review exercises at the end of each section.
  • Create revision flash cards with worked examples for each topic area.
  • Re-read your test book feedback comments to see any next steps recommendations your teacher has made.
  • Use the internet. Some useful sites might be:

– Ms Shakesheave-Thomas (Assistant HoF Mathematics)

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