Y10 Social Studies Exam

This examination consists of three separate sections. Each section will be given its own final grade and all three grades will be reported on in your end of year school report (Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit, or Excellence).

Section 1: Current Events and General Knowledge

Your recall of major current events from terms 1, 2 and 3 will be tested as short answer questions, multichoice questions, cartoon interpretation and identifying people who have been in the news, as well as testing some basic general knowledge by naming features from a world map.

To revise:  current event quizzes from the first three terms are up on the Y10 Social Studies Moodle Course, as are some links to general knowledge quizzes.

Section 2: Skills

You will be asked to construct and/or interpret maps, graphs, cartoons and values positions.

To revise: Youtube has a wide range of clips on mapping and graphing skills that you could refer to, however, your teacher will also give you further guidance here.

Section 3: Topic Questions

A. Cultures Collide
B. Human Rights
C. Technology and Change

For each topic listed above, you will write paragraphs on a given aspect and answer some short answer questions which may take the form of any of the following: short answer recall questions, naming places from a map and their significance to the topic, and/or matching key vocab and definitions, as well as matching people with places, events and conflicts.

To revise for Topics: a good place to start is with the pre and post-tests which can be reviewed on Moodle, as well as looking back over your assessments and class work. Your teacher will discuss possible techniques to use for revision.

Your Social Studies teacher will outline their own in-class revision programme and give you further support and guidance. You should direct any questions you have to them.

– Ms McDiarmid (HOF Social Sciences)

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