Shakespeare Day

On the 19th of September, the entire Year 10 group came to school for Shakespeare Day. It happens only once a year and is just for Year 10 to participate in. The day started off with an exciting performance in the Hall by two actors who delivered excerpts from different Shakespeare plays. They were both super funny and cute when they kissed.

After that each student went off to their chosen workshops which varied from stage combat and Elizabeathan dancing to CSI Shakespeare style and even cooking like traditional Elizabethan.

Then the most exciting bit: the Amazing Race! This sent groups of students around Newlands to find clues and prizes completing Shakespearean themed activities on the way. Congratulations to Vimbai, Sammani, Talitha and Tharushi who won the Amazing Race.

After a shared lunch with our Form Classes we saw performances by Year 12s and Y13s. Also prizes were given out for best dressed Shakespearean gentleman (Jan Galera), lady (me!), boy group (Casey, Logan, Shaun, Tyler) and girl group (Zara, Lateefah, Panashe, and Emily).

Shakespeare Day was so fantastic and full of fun. Although our muscles were all sore from the running in the Amazing Race, everyone was glad they took part. I wish it could happen every year!

– Safia Cole (10SN)

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