Final Submission for Reading Responses

Next week for English, the reading responses – Achievement Standard 1.10 – worth four NCEA credits, are all due. Please note:

  • This hand-in is due by 8.40am Monday. The remaining reading responses need to be handed in to the boxes outside the Dean’s Room. The boxes are named with your English teacher’s initials.
  • Six reading logs are required to pass this Achievement Standard. Some subject teachers have held on to previously marked reading responses, others have had them returned to students. Whatever the case, by 8.40am Monday your English teacher needs to have in total 6 reading responses.
  • Six reading responses are required to pass this standard, regardless of your grades in the previous four submission.
  • The top four submissions will be used to calculate your grade.
  • Following this final submission, resubmission opportunities will be made available where appropriate.

This previous blogpost has outlined all the deadlines, requirements and collated plenty of resources. The is a very handy resource and could act as a checklist to ensure all expectations are met. Should you have any queries, please contact your English teacher!

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