Ms King, Deputy Principal, presented to the junior school some key information on writing at Junior Assembly this week. Some key information was shared as the junior builds up to being tested on their writing to measure what shifts they have made. In two weeks time, all students will be sitting (in the exam setting of the hall) an Asttle writing test, where a general prompt is given and students are invited to submit a piece of writing in 40 minutes.

JudgingWhy focus on writing? Because writing matters. What you say and how you say it matters. People will judge you on your writing and it is important that you

An important resource is the Writing Goal Pursuit google site. This is a collaborative project with a group of diligent and enthusiastic learners called the ‘Writing Ambassadors’. They meet regularly, working to promote writing in the school and create student-friendly resources. Specific areas have been targeted by the group and a range of resources are available on the google site. Of particular use is the self-assessment tool:2014-08-14_1043

All students have a writing goal with a specific focus for their ongoing development. These writing goals are recorded in their goal setting booklets, held by their Form Teachers and working on during Form Time. To get ready for the writing test in Week 6, students should make sure they know their writing goal and be thinking and focusing on showing the progress that they have made.

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