Subject Choice

Subject choice is about pathways. It is an important part of the year, particularly for the Year 10s who are on the cusp of their formal assessment years with NCEA. This blogpost will cover a range of subject choice issues and give information about the upcoming process.

On Friday 22nd August, all Year 10s will meet with their Form Teacher for a one-on-one conversation around their subject choice for next year which will consider their intended pathway, subjects in Y12 and Y13 and any other future plans. The Dean, Deputy Principals, and Careers Advisor will be on hand to support this process. Information about the subject choice options is available through the subject choice google site.

Year 11 students take six subjects. It is compulsory to take an English course and Mathematics course. Students are also strongly advised to include a Science course in their subject choices as part of a broad-based education at this level.


The golden rule of subject choice and planning ahead.

Students tend to fit into three different categories when it comes to subject choice. For each type there are some general rules and guidance we can give when considering next steps.

 Sally and Sione Certain  Moana and Matt Maybe  Nate and Nuri      No-Idea
  • Keep possibilities open
  • Make sure all pre-requisites are covered
  • Talk about where? Which University? Which ed provider? etc.
  • Keep possibilities open
  • Use career materials
  • Do personal research, find something you are interested in
  • Try the careerquest  survey
  • Keep possibilities open
  • Look at interests
  • Look at strengths
  • Try the careerquest  survey

2014-08-09_1306Who can help you and support you with these decisions?

  • Ask your Parent/Caregiver to read the subject choice information; then discuss it with them.
  • Collect as much information as you can on all the subjects which interest you.
  • Visit the Careers/Transition Department in A2.
  • Discuss your ideas with your subject teachers, your Form Teacher and Dean.
  • Career Services: You can access careers information on subjects required for certain careers by visiting the Careers NZ website.
  • Career Services also operate a free phone advisory service offering careers information. Phone 0800 222 733.
  • You can also web chat with the site.

Other pathways and opportunities are worth being aware of:

  • STAR Courses – Taster courses which are offered to students wanting industry experience, usually in Y12, but some are available for interested Y11s as well.
  • GATEWAY  – A Level 2 course available to selected students who are chosen after an interview process. The course is integrated with work placements and offers industry unit standards.

Moving into Year 11 is the beginning of a process in which you will need to make many decisions. Your career will be an important part of your life after you leave school it and may have many twists and turns. Change is a normal and exciting part of life. However, it is always better to have a plan, even if it alters over time. In the Career Department our motto is “No Drifters”. What that means is that we want every single student who leaves Newlands to have something definite to go to. Usually that means further training at a Polytechnic, University or Private Training Establishment. Now is the time to investigate the possibilities. In September you will all get a free visit to Whitireia Polytechnic to show you what education outside school might look like for you.

Good luck with your planning and remember the 1/60 rule: the decision you make this year for next year will affect only one 1/60th of the rest of your life (if you live till your 70s). It is important, but there’s plenty of time for new decisions and opportunities ahead. Kia kaha!

– Ms M. Featherstone (Careers Advisor)

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