Bridge Building – Winners Again!

photo 2 (29)

Last Tuesday on the 5th of August, three teams of three from Newlands College went away to compete in a bridge building competition. Held at Te Papa, the event lasted a whole day of school, consisting of weighing down bridges to their breaking points. Over the weeks prior to the competition day 35 teams across 16 schools built their bridges using a provided pack of equipment consisting of thin pieces of wood, string, a cardboard tube and glue. After about halfway through the competition we tested our one and it held a final weight of 37.2kg, just shy of our final weight of 38kg last year, winning us $1500 for the school and $200 each spending money for our second year in a row. Thanks to Mr Miller for guiding us along the construction process and taking us on the day.

– Casey Norman (10SN)

Casey Norman, Lochlan Young and Haydon Smith were the winners of this same highly contested competition last year! Check out the bridge building blogpost from last year and marvel at the incredible achievement of this very talented group of bridge builders!

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