Dean’s Assembly – Cooking with Cargill

This week’s Dean’s Assembly was an attempt to shake up convention and try something never done before on the Newlands College stage. After a number of conversations around healthy eating, I’ve heard of some interesting trends, both positive and negative:

  • Many Y10 students do not eat anything for breakfast,
  • Some Y10 students buy their lunch at New World on the way to school,
  • Some Y10 students could show me no healthy foods in their lunchbox for the day,
  • A few Y10 students bring no food to school,
  • Many Y10 students are in charge of making their own lunch and showed me delicious looking sandwiches or salads,
  • Many Y10 students could remember lots about healthy eating from Health or Food Technology.

While initially, this Dean’s Assembly sought to give guidance and address a number of these trends, ultimately it evolved into…well…this…

Many thanks to the tech crew (Josh, Josh, Deon, Aaron, Gus and James) for making this possible. Also thanks to Staci Perano and Zach Doyle (both 10LD) for volunteering to help out! Follow more Cargill culinary creations on instagram!

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