Variety Show Auditions

Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime are the Variety Show auditions. The Variety Show is a highlight on the arts calendar. There are always a range of impressive performances ranging from bands to dance troupes, solo singers to various cultural performances. On top of this there is always a staff item and a Year 13 item (paying a tongue in cheek tribute to the staff). Art’s Captain Brittany Rees-Thomas is heading the organisation and is a good person to approach with any questions. Anticipating a great Year 10 involvement this year!

Check out 2013’s highlights in this previous blogpost and a video capturing the highlights of 2012 below:


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2 Responses to Variety Show Auditions

  1. James says:

    I’m wondering if Newlands college keeps all archives of Variety show. I did a performance in 1995 and it would be fantastic if I could get my hand on that footage!!

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