Spelling Bee 2014

Several weeks ago, the entire junior school sat a country wide Spelling Bee competition. Here are the top three from each class. Congratulations to everyone!

 Teacher 1st 2nd 3rd
Mr Molloy Sammani Perera Tobias Nobelen
Ms Spicer Jiajing Chen Shaun Liew Unmesh Vanka
Ms Matthews Dayeon Jung, Sharon Mani , Jessika Hermez, Andrew Marouki Sean Rennwandt, CemCem Hawl, Geeth Rathnayake Shadrina Assegaf
Mr Cargill Melissa Chu-Fong Angela Montenegro Danica Fontein
Ms Hayton Kiya Basabas Lorraine Sevilla Tiarne Southon
Ms O’Malley Joshua Kim & Shalin Mani Jan Galera, Haydon Smith, Laura Spiers Eugenio Perez
Ms Matthews/ Mr Cargill Renee Simanu, Audrey Martinez, Denny Stamenov Matt Stark Tomas Guerrero
Ms Spicer Hendrick Jones Sandeep Singh Mitchell Laws

Furthermore, Lorraine Sevilla, Kiya Basabas, Angela Montenegro, Melissa Chu-Fong and Tiarne Southon have all been selected (on the basis of their scores) to advance to the 2014 Spelling Bee Semi-Finals. More on their success and the results of the National competition will come soon!

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