Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team Visit


Two lucky Form Classes were delivered talks from Dream Team leaders. 10NP heard from Janice Feutz, the Corporate Business Manager at Aviarc – specialising in custom software development, and 10WG heard from Guy Beatson, the Deputy Secretary Natural Resources Policy for the Ministry for the Environment.

The 27th June – 4th July is Leadership Week and we want to encourage Kiwis to make their dreams happen. Everyone has a dream, the only difference is that some of us act on them. Sir Peter Blake set his mind to a goal and went for it, believing that “change comes through realising the vision and turning it into reality”.

The students heard stories from the leaders, and were asked to think critically about their own dreams and what their dream is for New Zealand. Then they reflected on how they were going to make a difference. An outstanding opportunity – hopefully everyone walked away with something to think about.

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1 Response to Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team Visit

  1. Guy Beatson says:

    Thanks to 10WG for having me to visit today. I enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm. Hopefully you have a clearer view of your dreams and you will take some small action towards achieving them. Regards, Guy Beatson, Ministry for the Environment

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