Language Perfect

At this week’s assembly, Clarice Du Toit was presented with her Gold Certificate for her achievement with Language Perfect – an outstanding achievement!

I have always loved languages, and ever since I discovered Language Perfect in 2012, I have been using it as a revision tool. When the World Championships came around, I thought I might give it a try. It was a lot of hard work, especially since this was during the production of Spamalot. So every morning and night before school and before we had to go on stage, I would work hard to achieve points. Sure enough, by the end of the week, after little sleep I had earned 7,911 points and a gold certificate.

– Clarice Du Toit (10CJ)

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2 Responses to Language Perfect

  1. Tiarne Southon says:

    Not one to rain on a parade, but Paige Cooke and I also received a gold certificate – congrats to Clarice too.

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