Dean’s Assembly – Endeavour Awards & Digital Decisions

The following students were acknowledged with Endeavour Awards for their work in Term One. The recipients were nominated by at least 5 of their subject teachers for standing out for doing the right thing, showing commitment to achieving their potential and generally being a nice person.

Melissa Chu-Fong, Liam Collins, Charlotte Earle, K’Shana Fa’amasino, Pranav Gohil, Simon Little, Audrey Martinez, Daphne Martinez, Ben Murdoch, Tharushi Nanayakkara, Ella Nguon, Stefanija Palae’ae, Geeth Rathnayake, Talitha Wilson, Lochlan Young

Last term I spoke about Digital Citizenship. I talked about what digital citizens do, and encouraged you all to think about your actions online. Today I want to focus on balancing the time that you spend online.

Some of you might have seen the viral video ‘Look Up‘ – a video that through a spoken poem encourages people to cast aside their phones and live in the moment to truly experience everything that life has to offer. I considered showing it to you today, but decided not to as I wanted to be true to my beliefs: I consider the message of living without your phones or technology to be utter rubbish. There is a middle ground between abandoning technology and living immersed in it and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Firstly consider what things might be like if we didn’t heed this advice. If society became even more dependent on devices. That we as citizens began to struggle to determine what was real and what wasn’t. What would happen if we didn’t think. To show you what I mean – I grabbed a little something from Pixar….

This is pretty extreme visualisation of a society completely dependent on technology to survive. It takes a pretty dystopian and negative angle on the idea that society cannot live without technology. I’m a firm believer that technology when used correctly can heighten our experience as humans, and when used correctly can enhance our lives.

These possibilities are endless online. What matters is not whether the technology is there or not – I believe it’s a given, technology is here…this is future – what matters is HOW we use it. And we have to make good decisions. This following video contains a range of decisions about where phones are used to experience something and where some people in the different scenes forgot theirs. Think about what is the more human experience in these images. Think about the decisions you make.

You will have noticed that a word that has begun to come through this assembly is decisions. This is what is comes down to. To be a good digital citizen, you have to make good decisions. It’s like I’m a broken record sometime. You have the choice about how much time you spend online, looking at your phone, or scrolling down your news feed. You decide what you do online, whether you look at educational blogs, or unhelpful websites; whether you keep in touch with the news, or troll through facebook. Being connected, being online, using technology is a really good thing – if you use the tools in a good way. If you need more advice on how you could be a more positive digital citizen, then talk to me or your Form Teacher and we’d only be too happy to help.

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