NZ Sign Language Week 2014

Sign_Language_WeekThis week is New Zealand Sign Language Week. From the official website:

This week gives Deaf Aotearoa an opportunity to reaffirm the rights of Deaf people as defined by the UN’s Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is the natural language of Deaf New Zealanders – it reflects the country’s culture and includes signs for Maori terminology and concepts unique to New Zealand.

As an official New Zealand language, NZSL is used daily by more than 24,000 New Zealanders.

Sign language is a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements. It is not simply signed representations of spoken words. NZSL has its own structure and grammar that is different from English.

You are also invited through the website to “Learn 7 signs in 7 days“. At the end of the week there is a quiz with lots of spot prizes up for grabs.


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