Dean’s Assembly – School Spirit

School spirit and school identity is very strong at Newlands College. You only need to attend any competitive match with Onslow College to know that we take pride in our identity and our success as Newlands College students.

Underpinning this pride is our school identity encapsulated by our school motto, ‘Me Whakamatau’ and supported by our school haka and our school song. Today I’ve asked Te Aroha, Brittany and Matt to come along to remind us of our special school song and help us capture the spirit that was so alive back during peer support camp last year. These three were the peer support leaders that helped our new Y9s learn about our school spirit and were responsible for teaching those new students the school song.


The school song was written by our own Te Reo Maori teacher, Mr Franson, and will come up many times over the course of your Newlands College journey.

Part of our identity as Newlands College is forged on the sports field. Recently on the blog I highlighted the sport’s website which is being updated regularly with sporting news. We regularly punch well above our weight at Newlands and today I wanted to celebrate this by asking some students to share their successes, individual and team, with you today.

There is plenty more success to celebrate and more sports to hear from. In the future we will try and find the space for more voices to be heard from a greater range of sports. As the winter codes roll around there will be more exciting results to report.

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