Publicity Team

This week’s assemblies were dedicated to introducing the student publicity team. The team work on getting coverage of school events, triumphs and inside jokes out into the world. The ‘teacher leader’ of the team is Mr. Mortensen. We gather our troops together every Thursday and Friday form time to edit videos, make videos, take photos and laugh at interesting sentences that we come up with. At first glance you would not call us a serious group but we can actually get things done. Recently we have made numerous social media accounts such as YouTube and Tumblr. We share the highlights, lowlights and mid afternoon like lights of our school. You will have viewed a video about introducing us as the publicity team, this video has the most amazing voice overs and really shows what we are like. Like I have said; we aren’t a serious bunch but we are passionate about what we do. We efficiently get the best out of everything we come across.


The student publicity team are dedicated to getting the best out of our school, making us feel proud of who we are as a community. We like to make our fellow students feel proud of who they are because of what they do. This year we will be covering events such as Shave for a cure, The Variety Show, Dragon boating and Spamalot. We strive to get the best quality photos, videos and writing out for the world to see.

YoutubeThe publicity team work just as the school motto tells us to, we work hard to achieve together. We get out and save for memories sake what our school is all about. Someday we’ll all be gone and a new lot of camera crazy kids will appear. This is the real start of our school becoming widely known. So get out there, do something exciting and let us all remember it. Let us remember you, let us remember the teachers, let us remember the buildings, let us remember the success and last but not least, let us film it. We are here to help you remember Newlands College when you’re all old. We will help you remember, forever and always.

 Grace Prior (10WA)


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