Dean’s Assembly – Year Level Reps and Digital Citizenship

This year is already flying by. We’re over the hump of the term one mountain, and I get the sense that we are all very busy with lots of assignments, particularly our first submission for our reading logs on the 7th April. There’s also a lot of things going on outside the classroom. I caught a few minutes of the recent netball and rugby trials last week, and it’s been good to hear of some excellent cricket results as well as a range of other summer sports. There’s plenty happening at Spamalot rehearsals and Shave for a Cure yesterday was another very proud moment for the school.

Recently you will have received your interim reports and I would like to congratulate everyone. At this week’s progress conference I hope that strategies were formed and that you all are looking to be improve no matter what feedback you have been given. I’m very proud of a lot of the goals that you have set. You’ve done a great job overall at setting your sights high and striving to achieve your best.

Leadership_StructureLast week the Form Representatives that we celebrated in our last assembly met to discuss the business of the year level and set up some structures and ideas that will be built on this year. At that meeting an election was held to elect a boy and girl to represent our year level on the school council. These are very important positions, tasked with

  • Work closely and co-operatively with Form Class Representatives, Year Level Dean and Executive delegates.
  • Taking matters discussed from your Year level meeting to School Council meeting.
  • Report to your Year level meetings and Deans assemblies on matters discussed at School Council meetings.

Congratulations to Daphne Martinez and Dylan Jones who were elected for these positions. We look forward to benefiting from their leadership this year and using their voices to support the concerns of our year group.

This is a news report from 1981. While you watch, think about how far we’ve come since this very important moment capturing the news industry latching onto the Internet.

Because of the Internet our way of life has completely changed and a new term has emerged: digital citizenship. Today I want to give you a brief introduction to the ideas behind it and this will be followed up in future Dean’s Assemblies where we look more at the online environment.

Digital Citizenship is how people should act when using digital technology – it is becoming a key part of our learning environment as many of you are bringing devices to school and many of you are finding in more common to have the netbooks in your lessons. Part of growing up in this digital world is gaining an understanding about our digital footprint – any action we take online leaves a something behind. And having access to digital resources also requires that we follow a certain code of behaviour. If you follow this code then you are a digital citizen.

  • Digital citizens protect private information,
  • Digital citizens respect themselves and others,
  • Digital citizens stay safe online,
  • Digital citizens stand up to cyberbullying,
  • Digital citizens give author credit for what you use,
  • Digital citizens balance your time on devices.

To finish take a look at this second video – slightly more modern – and use it to reflect on how you use the internet. How strong is your digital citizenship?

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