English – Achievement Standard 1.10

All Year 10s undertake the Personal Reading Standard worth four credits called “Form personal responses to independently read texts”

  • To Achieve you must form personal responses to your texts with evidence
  • To Achieve with Merit these responses must be convincing with relevant evidence
  • To Achieve with Excellence the responses must be perceptive with relevant evidence

What students need to do:

  • You must read/view 6 texts independently and respond to them in a written response with supporting evidence/quotation (approximately 1 page minimum). You cannot use texts studied in class.
  • 2 must be extended texts e.g. novel, biography, autobiography, memoir, graphic novel (All your texts can be extended it you choose)
  • Only 2 texts of the 6 in total can be films
  • Up to 4 texts of the 6 in total can be short texts e.g. short stories, poetry, song lyrics, magazine feature articles

The rules that need to be followed:

  • You must discuss your text choices with your teacher and seek advice on appropriate texts if you are unsure.
  • Your texts must be at Level 6 of the curriculum (ask your teacher or the librarian if you aren’t sure)
  • You must not PLAGIARISE! This means that the words and ideas need to be your own and any quotations from the text must use quotation marks around them to show that they belong to someone else.
  • If you are using a visual text (film), it must not be an R16 rating or over as it will not be marked. It is against the law for you to view it!
  • You must meet all deadlines set down for the assessment.

The Deadlines are as follows (the six entries are split up into three different submissions

  • 1.10 Personal Reading submission #1 x 2 entries due Monday 7 April (in your teacher’s box outside the Deans’ Office)
  • 1.10 Personal Reading submission #2 x 4 entries due by Monday 23 June (Deans’ Office)
  • 1.10 Personal Reading x 6 completed entries due Monday 15 September (Deans’ Office)

What you need to consider when writing a response:

  • Discuss how and/or why the text has affected your ideas or views
  • Explain why a particular feature of the structure or style of the text caught your attention and the effect that had on your understanding of the text.
  • Discuss how the text made you think about connections with your own life, the world, and other texts.
  • Discuss a character’s choices and how you would have dealt with the same situation and why.
  • Explain what purpose you think the text was written for and why the author’s purpose was important to consider.

Resources that might help you:

  • Achievement Standard can be seen on the NZQA website here.
  • NZQA has a range of other resources on the standard page.
  • Sign into moodle and download a full array of helpful tools including exemplars.
  • Your English teacher and the librarians have many recommendations to help you with text choice.
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