Form Representatives

The Form Representations have been selected by the Form Classes. They have been acknowledged in Dean’s Assembly and their first meeting with their designated Student Exec Members was held today. They are lucky to be working with Joel Knight, Brittany Rees-Thomas and Ellen Giltrap. On behalf of the entire team we are looking forward to seeing your leadership progress over the year and the contributions that you make to our outstanding Year Group.

10CJ – Sean Liew and Daphne Martinez
10LD – Kalani Muliipu and Dylan Jones
10NP – Jordan Borchowsky and Heipua Leoata-Mene
10SL – Unmesh Vanka and Merna Oraha
10SN – Tyler Cruse and Rebekah Warwick
10WA – Joshua Chadwick and Stefanija Palea’ae
10WG – K’Shana Fa’amasino and Logan Payne

At this meeting Dylan and Daphne were elected as the Year Level Representatives, who will represent Y10 on the School Council in 2014.

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