Why Study English?

The following is a development on the earlier post about the English course. Students in all English classes have discussed the content of this post.


English gives us the freedom to travel to other places, discover other cultures, and visit other times.


English enables us to enter new worlds. We can use our imagination to interpret and visualise these worlds, and they provide windows through which we can view our own world.

English develops creative thinking. It encourages us to use our imagination both when we interpret texts and when we create our own. This process is challenging and satisfying. English gives us a voice.


English develops the skills and communication competencies we need to access and engage with learning across the curriculum.

Through studying English, we work out how to understand and ask questions of ourselves, of other people, and of texts.

We learn to consider other ideas and to form and express our own. We broaden our experience and our perspectives. English opens our eyes to limitless possibilities.


English gives us the skills we need to take a stand – to research, evaluate information, think, justify, argue an opinion, and share it with confidence.

English helps us to become critical thinkers and make better sense of the world around us. It enables us to become “confident, connected and actively involved” in our communities.

We learn how to use language more powerfully, and how to have our say through written, spoken, and visual language.

We critique personal, local, and global issues so that we can understand, comment on, and ultimately control the direction of our lives.


Through studying English, we learn how to contribute with respect, and we learn to value our own voice, and the voices of others.

We listen to the stories of others, and we tell our own stories from our own experiences, values, beliefs, whakapapa, languages, culture, and wairua.

When these are validated in the context of our learning, we learn what makes us unique. We also learn how to connect with others, how to find common ground, and how to celebrate difference. English gives us confidence.

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