House Representatives

photo 1 (3)Over two house meetings, the house representatives have been chosen for the school’s four houses. Congratulations to those that have been elected:

Matthew Bain (10NP)
photo 2 (5)Chantel Gates (10CJ)

Charlotte Earle (10LD)
Staci Perano (10LD)

photo 4 (2)Rimu
Charlotte Cunliffe (10WA)
Connor Patterson (10WA)

Taha Corkran (10WG)
photo 3 (3)Audrey Martinez (10SN)

At these meetings chants have been devised, costumes have been organised and Tabloids anticipation has reached fever pitch! One of the main events is the annual Fashion in the Field:

Fashion in the Field

Categories for fashion in the field 2014 are:


To Participate:
1. Registrations will take place before lunch on tabloids day with no registrations being accepted after lunch
2. The `Fashion in the Field’ table will be next to the first aid table. This is where interested students must go to register
3. Students must specify which house they are in when registering so the participation points are given to the correct house. If they are a mixed group, the points will bedivided between the houses.

When you register:
1. You/ Your group will be given a number
2. Keep this number with you until the fashion show
3. It will be pinned to your outfit
4. You must clearly display your number to the judges as you walk down the track

Actual event
• This will take place straight after lunch at 1.40pm
• Please meet straight after lunch (promptly) at the end of the 100m track to get ready.

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