Year Level Representative’s Speech – Final Assembly

Hello Year 9’s

As you know my name is Kiya Basabas and I have had the privilege, alongside Calum Gibling, as one of your year level representatives for 2013.

This year has gone by incredibly quick and in only a few more months we are already on our second year at this school. Year 10 will be a bit more challenging, and perhaps slightly daunting at first, but just as we did first time ‘round’, together a successful year is achievable. Next year there will be new year nines, requiring us to straighten up our collars and lead by example.

Over our course of year 9, we have kindled many friendships with each other, gotten to know people we wouldn’t have expected, and together shared memorable experiences that will be forever cherished. From nervous year nines at peer support camp, to striving, high achieving and confident future leaders. Each day at Newlands College has opened our minds and matured us to one step closer as young adults.

We have had a very triumphant year together; representing our school in many in and out of school activities: academically like debating competitions, bridge building and workshops, on the sport side like Junior Triangular, sports teams, and our most recent cross country, and through the arts of the Wizard of Oz, lip-sync competition, variety show and music components. Each one of us in this room has excelled in some way possible.

I am confident that we will learn to break out of our shells even more over the rest of our four years here, and I definitely look forward to spending the rest of my college years with all of you amazing people.

Thank you.

– Kiya Basabas (Year Level Representative, 9NP)

Hello Year 9’s

I have had the honour along with Kiya to be your year level rep. This year at Newlands College has truly been a great one from the amazing peer support camp to 3 day discovery. I feel that everyone here has something to look forward to for next year. We will no longer be the youngest at the school, and with this transition of age also comes a transition in maturity and responsibility.

We have developed outstanding relationships with our peers that we will carry all the way through to Year 13. Be open to new opportunities and look at the world with an open mind. This will assist us into a successful next few years.

On behalf of all Year 9’s we would like to thank you Mr Jones for showing leadership towards our school. We would also like to thank Ms Mills for being a super-efficient, hard-working Deputy Principal.

And lastly we would like to give a huge thank you to our outstanding dean Mr Cargill who is a hard-working, enthusiastic, honourable man. You have made our first year at Newlands College a lot less scary than it would have been. Thank you for everything you have done.

On behalf of Kiya and myself I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year, be safe.

– Calum Gibling (Year Level Representative, 9SL)

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