Cross Country

The annual Cross Country was held period five today and was a huge success. Despite it being a mufti day almost the whole cohort and brought the appropriate PE gear and were eagerly anticipating the event all day.

photo 1 (1)

The results were not without controversy. Mr Cargill, who ran the course with the Year 9 Girls cam first but was promptly disqualified. Mr Rasmussen who ran with the Year 9 boys also came first but suffered the same fate. Appeals have been lodged. Here are the temporary results before that investigation is complete:

Year 9 Girls

  1. Danica Fontein
  2. Jane-Edna Bryce
  3. Trinity McIntosh
  4. Salote Taufa
  5. Renee Hargreaves

Year 9 Boys

  1. Ben Murdoch
  2. Sean Rennwandt
  3. Tyler Cruse
  4. Vaughan Brown
  5. Casey Norman
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