Lawn Bowls

???????????????????????????????It was a fantastic day and perfect conditions for Lawn Bowls. Matthew Stark and I were getting ready for our last bowls tournament of the year, and weren’t feeling very confident at the time. There were another 5 or so teams from Newlands most of which were all newcomers. When we arrived at the venue in Tawa it felt like we were in Aussie, really hot. We looked around and couldn’t see many of the opposition and decided this might not be so hard after all.

Our first game we won by default. The second was against another Newlands team who we knew quite well, Quinn Blackwood and Josh Chadwick. They smashed us and this got us down. The next game was against yet another Newlands team, but this time it was our turn to win and we won in style. Our final game in the pool round was against some team that we can’t remember the names of.  We won by around 10 points and even then we didn’t finish the game because they wanted to quit. The next part was the exciting part, finding out who had made it into the semis.

Our names were called and we found out that we were playing Josh and Quinn again and this made us feel terrible since we lost to them quite convincingly before. It was close up to around the second round but then we kind of tore them apart and won 6 – 11, this gave us a spot in the final. The final was against Scots College. It was close up to around the 3rd end when they got a 3 or 4 and then took the game to win 7 – 3. It’s a disappointing result but that won’t deter us from coming back next year to see if we can take out the title, just once.

– Lochlan Young (9CJ)


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