Study Skills – Part Four – In the Exam Advice

Studyit has some really good advice for what to do in an exam. Below is a list of some of their top tips:

  • studying1Stay calm. Relax. Stay focused.
  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • Answer the easiest question first to get yourself going.
  • Do not spend too long on each question. If you have extra time at the end return to the question.
  • Read questions twice. Circle/highlight key terms.
  • Proof read answers. Ask yourself – Have I written a complete answer? Have I answered the question that was asked?
  • Match the length of your answer to the space provided.
  • Watch out for plurals in questions. For example, ‘Name features of graphs’ means that you are required to write at least two features.

Preparation Checklist

  • Have you got all the correct equipment?
      • English – black/blue pens, refil
      • Mathematics – black/blue pens, calculator, pencil (for graphs), rubber, ruler
      • Science – black/blue pens, pencil (for graphs), rubber, ruler
      • Social Studies – black/blue pens, pencil (for graphs), rubber, ruler
      • Additionally consider a pencil sharpener, a highlighter to highlight key words and any other equipment. It’s better to have more than what you need, than have less than what is required.


  • Do you know where your exam is? (Hall, or in classrooms for Science – see left)
  • Are you pens in a plastic bag?
  • Is your cellphone in a plastic bag (and off)?
  • Arrive to your exam five minutes early.


Exam Preparation Information (previous blog posts)

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