Y9 Science Exam

The Science exam in Y9 is divided into three sections:

  • Living world
  • Material world
  • Physical world

Below is a checklist of all the areas of each topic you should be ready for.

Living World:

1. Know what MRS GREN stands for and what each means
2. Describe the key features of a food chain
3. Explain different effects on species populations of a food web
4. Know what photosynthesis is, where it occurs and its purpose
5. Explain how leaves are suited (adapted) to carry out photosynthesis

Material World:

1. Know names and symbols of first 20 elements
2. Able to recognise and explain what an element, compound or mixture is.
3. Be able to draw the different states of matter
4. Explain what happens to particles when they are heated or cooled, and link to the correct terminology
5. Explain what diffusion is, and how it occurs

Physical World:

1. Explain how a periscope works, including drawing light rays
2. Explain how we can see (how our eyes work)
3. Know the 9 different types of energy
4. Give simple energy transformations for everyday situations/devices
5. Explain what kinetic energy is, what determines how much an object has, and what can happen to it in a crash
6. Know how the global ocean current is started, what is transports around the globe and what can interfere with it.

Within this list is a lot of detail needed for excellence grades. This gives you a good place to start your revision.

Here is a reminder of the year that you’ve had in Science:

Science_-_part_one Science_-_part_two

Please ensure you bring at least 2 pens to the exam, a ruler, and a pencil for diagrams. You may also wish to bring a reading book if you finish early.

– Ms McLeod (Assistant HOF Science)

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  1. Thank you so much, your work is such a huge help for me and my students.

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