Celebration of Sports

The Celebration of Sport was held last week. A celebration of sport at the college and some of the high achieving teams and individuals who have gained success this year. Here are the Y9 award winners:

Merit Awards

  • Fathima Idris (Badminton)
  • Matthew Stark (Hockey)
  • Simon Little (Hockey)
  • Casey Norman (Hockey)
  • Matthew Stark (Orienteering)
  • Jordan Borchowsky (Smallbore Rifle Shooting)

Distinction Awards

  • Benjamin Murdoch (Athletics)
  • Islam Khaled-Abbas (Athletics)
  • Oscar Harris (Athletics)
  • Haydon Smith (Cricket)
  • Amelia Powdrell (Netball)
  • Laura Spiers (Netball)
  • Simone Stobba Overend (Netball)
  • Hayley Luckin (Netball)
  • Stefanija Pale’ae (Netball)
  • Talitha Wilson (Netball)
  • Charlotte Cunliffe (Netball)
  • Rangiwaitatao Samson (Netball)
  • Audrey Martinez (Netball)
  • Britney Stokes (Netball)
  • Daphne Martinez (Netball)
  • Salote Taufa (Netball)
  • Taha Corkran (Rugby)
  • Taha Corkran (Softball)
  • Daphne Martinez (Volleyball)
  • Rangiwaitatao Samson (Volleyball)
  • Salote Taufa (Volleyball)

Trophy Winners

Rugby – Under 65kg Best Team Contribution

  • Sean Rennwandt

Rugby – Under 15 Most Improved

  • Taha Corkran

Premier Awards

HORNAL TROPHY – awarded to the student reaching the highest levels in sport. Finalists:

  • Islam Khaled-Abbas
  • Benjamin Murdoch
Celebration of Sport award winners

Celebration of Sport award winners

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  1. Nice video. I think I’ll add some music to our next video. Give it a little “pop”.

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