Y9 English Exam

The Year 9 English exam consists of two sections:

1. Text Essay

Students will choose one of the texts they have studied this year (novel, film, short story, poem, Shakespeare play) and write an essay on the text in the exam. There will be a choice of six essay questions, students choose one to answer. This essay will test how well you can explain themes/characters/setting from the text you choose. You will need to memorise quotations to support your argument. If you write about a film you must use film techniques to support your argument.

2a. Year 9 Blog post (all classes except Ms Hayton’s and Ms King’s English class)

Students will write a post for the Year 9 Blog. There are three writing options:

    1. An event that you were part of that was important to you,
    2. An event that you watched and enjoyed,
    3. An overall review of 2013.

You will need to be aware of who your audience is and what your purpose of writing is as this will affect your choice in language. Mr Cargill will be choosing the top piece of writing in each class and posting it on the blog.

2b. Language Section (just Ms Hayton’s and Ms King’s class)

General language questions on areas like punctuation, grammar and language techniques.

– Mr Floratos (Assistant HOF English)

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